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Ox Tail in Niagara Falls

This meal maybe consider spicy for those that aren't used to spices


Elise H 

Okay, got the oxtail this time. Seasoned to perfection! One of the best oxtail I had!

Zoey Ann

I absolutely love the food.  Well flavored and delicious.  I will be going back again and again.

Zannakay Russell

Love the food. Feels and tasty like home. Owners are so kind and passionate  about what they places on your plate. You can feel and see the time and effort that goes into their food. I can't stop coming back, I thank you for all your great meal

Delicious Ox Tail in Niagara Falls

Savor the taste of tradition with our Caribbean Oxtail. Each piece of oxtail is slow-cooked to absolute tenderness, dense with a robust blend of aromatic spices that encapsulate the soul of Caribbean cuisine. The oxtail stews in a savory, rich gravy that brings together fresh, handpicked vegetables and hearty beans, culminating in a dish that's both comforting and excitingly flavorful.

The well portioned oxtail is served alongside a heaping portion of our Coconut Rice, its creamy texture and subtle flavors offering a delightful contrast to the rich oxtail stew. Completing the plate is our crisp Coleslaw, providing a balance of sweetness and tanginess that enhances the overall dining experience

Our ingredients

In our kitchen, every plate of Caribbean Oxtail reflects our commitment to freshness, health, and authenticity. We meticulously handpick our ingredients each day, ensuring they are non-GMO and of the highest quality. The rich, savory stew that forms the backbone of this dish is also gluten-free, honoring various dietary needs while delivering a hearty, flavorful experience

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