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Spicy Cocina BBQ chicken Recipe

Updated: Aug 15

Spicy Cocina BBQ Chicken Recipe

Here's a recipe for BBQ chicken:


  • 4 bone-in, skin-on chicken thighs

  • 4 bone-in, skin-on chicken drumsticks

  • Salt and black pepper to taste

  • 1 cup BBQ sauce (store-bought or homemade, see recipe above)

  • Cooking spray


  1. Preheat your grill to medium-high heat.

  2. Season the chicken thighs and drumsticks with salt and black pepper.

  3. Spray the chicken with cooking spray to prevent sticking.

  4. Place the chicken on the grill, skin-side down, and grill for 5-7 minutes.

  5. Flip the chicken over and brush the top with BBQ sauce.

  6. Grill for another 5-7 minutes.

  7. Flip the chicken over again and brush the other side with BBQ sauce.

  8. Continue to grill the chicken for 10-15 minutes, or until the internal temperature reaches 165°F and the chicken is cooked through and crispy on the outside.

  9. Remove the chicken from the grill and let it rest for 5-10 minutes.

  10. Serve hot with additional BBQ sauce and your favorite side dishes.

Enjoy your delicious BBQ chicken!

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