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Delicious Ox Tail in Niagara Falls

Our food is free from deep frying and does not contain any artificial flavours, additives, seed oils, or preservatives.

Best Ox Tail in Niagara Falls

Relevant reviews

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Okay, got the oxtail this time. Seasoned to perfection! One of the best oxtail I had!

-Elise H 

Niagara Falls

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I'm SWEATING because I couldn't stop myself from eating the entire container of Oxtail, so authentic and comforting. The rice is so well cooked, the slaw is amazing and sweet while also tangy, the Oxtail, the absolute star of the show is so tender, juicy and fall off the bone, so well seasoned and very authentic. 

- Jasmine tucker

Niagara Falls

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The food at spicy cocina chicken was very good the chef did an excellent job 👍
I had the oxtails and it was very good.

- Theo Davids

Niagara Falls

About Our plate

In our kitchen, every plate of Caribbean Oxtail reflects our commitment to freshness, health, and authenticity.

We meticulously handpick our ingredients each day, ensuring they are non-GMO and of the highest quality.

The rich, savory stew that forms the backbone of this dish is also gluten-free, honoring various dietary needs while delivering a hearty, flavorful experience

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